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Pale purple coneflower


Coral as exemplar

“The most beautiful gardens I have ever seen are pristine coral reefs in the South Pacific. They are artifices, created by coral, transforming oceanic deserts into the richest biotic environments in the world. They are also benign, bountiful, and orderly. They are dynamic and they are natural. Perhaps coral should be exemplar to men who make gardens.” –Ian McHarg, 1990


Ecosystem Design in the Ozarks

Lake Frances Charrette Booklet


Maui coral reef kayakers–(c) Ron Dahlquist

This image is only a piece of a beautiful much larger photo by Ron Dahlrquist of kayakers at play over Oluwalu coral reef in Maui.

The photo is (c) Ron Dahlrquist and is used by permission.

To see more of Ron’s work, visit: rondahlquist.com



Lotus-in-bloom-Sequoyah-NWRTamaha, which means “town” in Choctaw, is just that, an old very small town on the south bank of the Arkansas River and Kerr Lake, on the northern edge of Haskell County in eastern Oklahoma. It was once a ferry location on the river, before Kerr Dam flooded the land to the north. Because the town sits on slightly higher ground it is still above the level of the lake. It is also interesting because it is 15 miles on mostly dirt roads from the nearest highway and is surrounded only by farms and scattered farm houses.

Bob Morgan and I paddled there recently and found in the shallow waters of the lake quite an interesting set of aquatic and emergent plants as well as white pelicans, stopping off on their journey south.

white pelicans 9-13-2014